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Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! (And I'm sorry this letter is a bit late). Pretty much anything you write for me will make me deliriously happy, so please don't worry too much about any optional details in the sign-up or below!

General: For yuletide, I love hopeful or happy endings. Light angst is fine, and hurt/comfort is lovely, but I'm not really up for graphic emotional or physical violence. I also prefer not to read explicit sex. Kissing is fine - kissing, if appropriate to the characters, will make me happy, in fact - and off-screen sex is fine as well.

Nero Wolfe: I am such an Archie fangirl, and have been binge-re-reading the books and re-watching the A&E adaptations this fall. I also love his queer (through not necessarily gay) domestic arrangements and the way he uses the threat of heteronormativity to needle Wolfe. As I said in my sign-up, absolutely anything involving Archie would make me happy, though if you could add in Wolfe making his heart thump by saying "Satisfactory, Archie", I'll be over the moon.

Goblin Emperor: Maia, Maia, Maia! Along with learning about his marriage and friendships post-book, I'll also be interested to know more about his goblin folk, and his relationships with them. I would also love to see anything with Maia and mediation (how does mediating with nohecharei in the room work out for him?).

Steerswoman: So much love for this fascinating world. I really just want to know MORE about it. Along with what I suggested in the sign-up, I would also be into seeing what other steerswomen (and men!) are doing in other parts of the world - their perspectives would be intriguing and fascinating in and of themselves.

Thanks again for writing for me, and I hope I was able to provide some useful (but not stressful) guidance!
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