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A list of happy things:

My mum and my sister visiting
My students, who are creative and loving and adorable
4.0 GPA
The book Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
Being totally done with my M.Ed.
Latest episodes of Welcome to Night Vale
Being almost done with the grant
Seeding the bookclub suggestion list with queer sci-fi books
The therapists and aides who work with my students - they're all amazing
Writing fic again (and writing fic with my best friend)
Lovely comments from people on LJ/DW
Only 4 more days left of school!

What's something happy in your life now?
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I forgot to mention earlier that this weekend what I thought was a textbook I ordered from Amazon was actually a very late birthday present from [personal profile] amai! That would have been a lovely surprise in and of itself, but I opened the package to find that she had given me a KINDLE! The neighbors must have heard me scream in delight. I can't wait to start playing with it. Best little sister in the world, seriously.

So, anyone got a book recs for the Kindle? On August 30th, I leave the country for a five-day trip to Canada to be in [profile] tragic_mathematics's wedding. I'll love to just bring my kindle and not any heavy books this time for plane and downtime reading! Anyone have any newer recs? I like sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, lesbian/gay fiction, certain YA, and non-fiction on science (especially biology, but not evo psych) and other topics. Cheap is also good!


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