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Jun. 22nd, 2006 02:32 pm
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I posted two double drabbles in my fic journal: The Signs of Defeat (SGA, Sheppard gen) and And Yet Still Stay (HL, Methos/Duncan, PG).
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It's a beautiful Sunday morning, and I have coffee and yogurt and an internet connection. What could be better? *grins* I also come bearing a Highlander double drabble titled Easeful Death (Methos, gen):

Easeful Death )
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First things first: Happy Birthday, [ profile] bejiin! I've known you for almost ten years now, a very long time indeed, and I'll always buy you coffee and play video games with you, even if you persist with the rest of the universe in making me writing Regency-era Bring Back Black fic. *grins* Love you!

And, oi, my job suckth the most today. I had to make drinks and take a test to be certified as a barista today, in spite of the fact that 1) I have been working at the bookstore coffee shop for eight months now and 2) my last day of work is April 30th. *makes face* Much love to my boss Michelle though, since she bought me Cadbury Creme eggs to try to make for my sucky day. Mmmm, sugar high...

Oi, half of my flist is talking about genderfuck and the other half is talking about the Libs. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for this:

Boobies, said Pete. )


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