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Happy Turkey Day to all Stateside on my flist! This has been a rather a tumultuous fall for me, and I have not been keeping up with either DW or LJ very well. In the last few months, I have: had a very rough start to the year, behavior and evaluation wise, broken up with my girlfriend of two years (a mutual decision, but still sad), been very sick with the Bavarian Death Flu, embarked on something new and exciting, but still a bit scary, with an old friend, submitted my first grant (a whole half-hour before the deadline!), taught (and wrote a curriculum for) RE, been taking two grad classes while working full time, and been missing my sister living with me.

Things have settled down some now, but I am gearing up for my winter holidays unit (Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa), preparing for my second observation, hopefully buying presents and sending out cards, and, oh yeah, writing another grant, a final, and two IEPs.

I am very grateful to all of my friends, both online and off, this year!
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Yes, I'm alive. I survived the end of the school year, and my grad classes for the summer. Pride activities are happening these few weeks in my city, and I'm glad to have something to celebrate with New York State achieving marriage equality! My girlfriend made me beautiful earrings, which I'm wearing daily.

I'm hoping to be able to write a bit in the next month, and be more active online. I've been mostly keeping up with things by lurking, but I've missed being able to participate in fandom.
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Happy Easter to those celebrate it and Happy Spring to all! I'm at my girlfriend's house in Maryland, having just seen her play handbells in the Easter service at her church. ^_^ I'm glad to be on spring break and hoping to get some writing done this week while [personal profile] marathoner452 is at work (besides the grant that's due May 2nd, grr).

I'm also happy because I got my hair cut shorter than usual last week by my hairdresser, who is an older Southern lady who took my coming out to her with nary a blink. It's a bit of a dyke haircut and I am very pleased:

My new haircut! )
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Back from Maryland, where I spent a lovely (and too short) time with [livejournal.com profile] marathoner452. We took walks, played with her niece, and went up to D.C. in time for cherry blossoms. *smiles* Now I'm about to go back to school, which I'm not looking forward to, but hey, it pays the bills.

I'll love to get a bit of coversation going, so here's an old meme: Ask me a question, and I'll answer it and give you a question (which you don't have to answer).
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So I had a SNOW day today. Which means a five day weekend, with Mardi Gras and all. *grins* Sometimes, teaching is very good.

Also, I've been meaning to officially Tell LJ this, so here goes: [livejournal.com profile] marathoner452 and I are together. She's completely awesome and we talk all the time and she went to the Aquarium with me in Baltimore, and even though it's long-distance (for now), it's still completely yay. ^_^

Finally, I'm thinking about doing short book reviews on this LJ, since I'm not feeling that fannish. Would anybody be interested in reading those?


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