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This Sunday marks the end of an intense first year of my PhD program. I'm done with my last class of the year, and almost done with grading for the class I was assisting with. I've missed my friends badly, but I've met some incredible people here, and I've just returned from spending a couple of days in DC with my best friend in the program and her kids. They've become family to me too. I'm ready to start writing the paper that will hopefully be a) the foundation of the lit review for my dissertation, and b) something publishable.

I also saw Mad Max: Fury Road last weekend with my sister, and I have to say that I was not expecting one of the most visually appealing, well-written, and feminist films I've seen in recent years to be a reboot of 70's action films, but there you go. I'm eager to talk about it (may post more later), if anyone else was blown away like this!
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I just lead my first tutorial. Wow, what a rush. I didn't think teaching could be this exciting. *g* Probably a combination of first day nerves and people actually *discussing*, but still , kinda neat. Now I want food and caffeine, so I don't crash during my Can Lit class.

Fannish news: Um, John Sheppard is still hot? And pretty. Oh so pretty. Actually, he and Mal would look good together...*floats off in a haze of prettiness*.

And, oh, [livejournal.com profile] the_acrobat, do you still want to get together on Friday? I'm going to the English Dept reception around 4, but maybe we could explore before that?


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