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I tumbled out of bed this morning at a quarter to eight and scrambled to get a shower and get dressed. I was out of the apartment and roaring away, singing along to "What You Own" by ten after. Why was I up at such an ungodly hour? Well, today was the annual Wellness Day for Women at a local health research centre and I had to get there in time for the FREE YOGA. *grins*

Which I did, and it was wonderfully relaxing. I also got to take part in tai chi class, which moves a bit too slowly for my taste, but for $22.00 a month for four classes, I might check out doing it regularly. Finally, it was time for Pilates, which actually gave me a real workout - I've forgotten how difficult some of the repetitions can be! I think I really need to get back into doing physical activity regularly - I would love to take classes, because that gives me the structure I need to ensure I will actually exercise, but I can't spend too much money. However, the wellness day has given me the impetus to look into various programs around here - so yay for doing random free things! (I also got a free salad and soup. Yum!)

Now, I've got to run to work, bringing along some of my freshly baked brownies in the hopes of appeasing the general manager into closing at a reasonable hour. Hey, I never said I would be healthy all the time!


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