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Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! (And I'm sorry this letter is a bit late). Pretty much anything you write for me will make me deliriously happy, so please don't worry too much about any optional details in the sign-up or below!

Optional details are optional! )
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Happy Christmas/Yuletide/Tuesday to all! I've just finished opening presents with my Mom and sister - got jewlery, books, clothes, kitchen stuff, and best of all, from [personal profile] amai, a talking, stuffed Dalek! I asked for something geeky from her, and lo! she delivered. I'll post pictures later.

For Yuletide, I received a lovely, somber (but still hopeful) Points story: In the Line of Duty! The author matched Rathe's and Eslingen's voices perfectly, and there's even a quiet mention of how they got together. I had given up on ever getting a Points fic, and to receive this quiet, perfectly wrought one was beyond my wildest dreams!

I hope all of my flist has a lovely day as well, whether or not you celebrate!
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because of an ICE DAY! The sectary, the clerk and I high-fived each other, the reading coach hugged me, and my principal danced a jig. My Canadian self is kind of appalled about how little bad weather it takes to close the schools down here in the winter, but I'm too excited about sleeping in to care.

In Yuletide news, I received Breaking Down is Hard to Do by Fox, which was like she reached into my subconscious and pulled out the Sports Night story I never knew I always wanted. Plus, super-awesome kissing at the end. I swooned.

I wrote On a Fine Morning or The Accidental Swap, "being the private correspondence between two prominent families regarding a singular event of late March" for elanne. It was a challenge to write (did it all in one day, frantically emailing back and forth with [livejournal.com profile] the_acrobat), but I think it turned out halfway decent, AND I might have broken my writing block with it!


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