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Resuming to announce that three years after SGA, I finally have a new fandom, and it's the BBC's Sherlock:

1. Benedict Cumberbatch is gorgeous, and I could listen to him recite the phone book.

2. My mom calls him Cumberfuck. No, I don't know why.

3. Martin Freeman is pretty freakin' adorable, and a fantastic actor.

4. Mycroft is a controlling bastard, and I like fics where he gets outsmarted.

5. Anthea, however, is awesome.

6. I'm in the stage where I'll pretty much read anything, but Sherlock h/c really does something for me. No, I don't know why.

7. The kinkmeme is a thing of joy and beauty forever, and I'm likely to go to the special hell.

8. The only thing that annoys me is the use of epithets. If I see Sherlock and John referred to as 'the detective' and 'the doctor' one more time, I'm going to go Moriarty on someone's ass.

9. That said, Americanisms don't bother me; I've lived enough different places that my mind automatically translates.

10. I'm writing again. I'm writing again. Aside from squeezing out a Yuletide fic each year, I never thought I could still write.

11. On the other hand, the fics I'm writing seem to be about magic, mental illness, and/or killing off Mycroft. Not neccesarily in that order.

12. On the other, other hand, at least I'm not destroying entire worlds to provide emotional growth for my characters, like I've done in, um, several fandoms, so I'll count it as a win.

13. I can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and I can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and I can do you all three concurrent or consecutive, but I can't do you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory ~ they're all blood you see.

14. The above quote both describes my writing style and is a prompt I'll make on the kinkmeme when the next post goes up.

15. LJ must want me to post anon on the kinkmeme, it keeps logging me out.

16. I am really quite pleased that there are so many good asexual Sherlock fics out there.

17. I'm more than pleased that there's a least two fics that do an awesome job with trans Sherlock or John.

18. I am less pleased with the racism and lack of major female characters on the show itself, and I like fic that explores that meaningfully.

19. I still love Sherlock/John, though.

20. To my muse: You are being annoying because this is supposed to be John POV, but nooooooooo, you want your POV flashbacks. Also, you want to be asexual, but get intellectual pleasure out of making John come apart at the seams during sex. Look, I'll give you a murder, now will you shut up?!?

21. Because of the aforementioned muse, I now have a scene in a fic which is basically Why You Don't Try To Pill Sherlock Like Cat.

22. It feels good to be back.


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