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I'm baking chocolate coffee cookies with a friend now. Once they're out of the oven, we (her, her boyfriend, my roommate and me) are going to go out for pancakes at the all-day diner. We already had a snowball fight made a snowman and snowbaby (with chocolate chips for eyes and buttons and dry pasta for nose). We're acting like five-year-olds, even me. Hey, it's been two years since I've seen snow.

It's nice to have a day off without being too hot for words, worrying about heat exhaustion, and getting gas and food, and wondering when the power will come back on (as was the case with our hurricane days). Even the prospect of making this day up doesn't dint my enjoyment. And yes, I do plan to do some actual writing today, but after lunch. And possibly with a judicious dose of coffee cookies.
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WTF, LA. Snowing is falling, and it's STICKING? And has been for two hours already. I feel like I'm back in Ontario! Except not, because we have a SNOW DAY. (The joys of being a schoolteacher.) Welcome to Louisiana, where we have two weeks of hurricane days and a SNOW DAY.

It's kind of nice, actually. The ground is covered with a layer of white snow and I headed off to school before they called it, so I stopped at PJ's instead and got myself a nice cafe au lait and a blueberry scone.

My plans for the day include cleaning my room, getting some writing done, and some gratuitous playing in the snow. *grins*


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